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We offer innovative and reliable solutions to ensure the safety of your environment with clean and safe technologies. They are integral solutions with technological synergy that provide greater added value as a whole. Our advanced technologies are the best solution for air purification and surface cleaning. We apply these technologies in our production plant to guarantee the quality of the specialty chemicals we offer to our customers.


Some of our customers: Lafrancol, Tecnoquímicas, Johnson & Johnson, CIAT, Sucroal, Farmacapsulas, Baxter, Freska Laight, Harinera del Valle, Colombina, Lloreda, Colgate, Mc Cain, Ovopacific, Proteicol, Banco de la República, Unicentro, Medicina Legal, Centro Médico Imbanaco, Fundación Santa Fé, Clínica Dime, Hospital San Juan de Dios Cali, Hospital Militar Bogotá, Universidad del Valle, Fenalco, Rimax.


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