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Design, development and manufacture of specialty chemicals

PROQUIMES S.A., founded in 1977 in Cali – Colombia, develops products and processes at request for our customers using a Research & Development methodology with high innovation for industrial applications, particularly pharmaceutical and food industry.

The importance of participating actively in these sectors requires us to be at the forefront in the application of an Integral Quality System complying with the G.M.P. under the guidelines of NTC ISO 9001 and Q7A. Likewise, the Supply Chain Safety Management is applied with the standard NTC ISO 28001.

Some of our main customers are:  Eurofarma Colombia,  Lafrancol,  Sanofi Aventis, Procaps, Sucroal , Licol Laboratories  and others.

Our Products

Tricalcium Citrate Proquimes USP

Calcium Citrate Proquimes is consumed in several food sectors: infant formulas, supplements and nutraceuticals, dairy products, bakery, confectionery, desserts, ice cream, fruit and vegetable preparations.

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Calcium Acetate USP

Calcium Acetate is used in the Aluminum Acetate manufacturig, also as an active ingredient for tablets used in kidney patients treatment. Generalities Applications Generalities  

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Aluminum Sulfate USP

Aluminum Sulfate, along with Calcium Acetate, is the active principle of Aluminum Acetate, used in topic dermatological applications and in fungicidal otic solutions Generalities Applications

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Calcium Sulfate FCC

Calcium Sulfate is applied in the bakery and brewing industry, food supplements and nutraceuticals, and also used for soft drink water treatment. Generalities Applications Generalities

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