High Purity
High purity APIs and basic mineral salts for pharmaceutical and food industry
Specialized products tailored to our customer´s processes and specifications
Tradition in Research & Development
Tradition in Research & Development with continuous innovation in production processes and compliance with an Integral Quality System

Tailor-Made Specialty Chemical Products

Proquimes S.A. manufactures and develops high purity APIs and basic mineral salts for pharmaceutical and food industry.

We apply Chemical Engineering to adjusting our products’ physical and chemical parameters to customer´s processes and specifications, meeting the industry’s particular needs with specialized products.

Research & Development: Tradition, Innovation, Commitment

Since 1977 our tradition on Research & Development, based on continuous innovation in production processes, focused customer services and a close trust client’s relationship, guarantees the specialty and high quality of our mineral salts.

We remain attentive and searching for new market niches participation, ensuring a leadership position and permanence with social and environmental responsibility in Colombia and Latin America.

Quality Assurance: Now-How, Experience, Compliance

More than 45 years experience allows us to interact constantly with customers of the following market segments: pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, dairy products, food supplements and nutraceuticals.

Demanding us to be at the cutting-edge of an Integral Quality System implementation, we comply with the G.M.P. principles and NTC ISO 9001 and Q7A guidelines.

Some of our clients

Design, development and manufacture of specialized chemical products